Marriage Retreat

Dates: February 16-18

Location: Atlantic Beach, NC

Deposit: $50.00                   SIGN UP HERE

Grow in your marriage and grow in your relationship with God.  Many couples believe that marriage retreats and even counseling are only utilized when a marriage is failure.  This is entirely contrary to the truth.  Marriage, just like anything else, needs TLC (time, love, and care).  

  • Couples need to spend time dating, communicating, resting, worshipping, praying, and dreaming together.  
  • Couples need to grow in their love of God, their love of each other and allow that love to mold their family.  
  • Marriage needs care or preventative care.  Just like anything else we neglect in life, marriage will need an overhaul or major repair.

Here are three other reasons to go on a marriage retreat:   3 Reasons

Pursue the Passion


Dates: February 23   

Location: Covenant Church in Winterville, NC

Cost: $30.00

Pursue the Passion is a conference committed to empowering women to pursue their passion for God and following His direction for their lives.