Share God's love...know no strangers

We keep it simple at New Song.  We share God's love that is freely given through the grace of Jesus Christ.  And stemming from Matthew 25:35, we know no strangers because we believe that by loving, serving, and reaching others, we are serving Christ.

We do so through the five lanes of discipleship.

Expectantly Pray

Intentionally Worship

Faithfully Witness

Humbly Serve

Generously Give

Who We Are - Our DNA

New Song shares God's love and knows no strangers. 

New Song faith is community built upon the idea that people from all walks of life can find a place in our family.

We believe that you can belong before you are a believer.  

We will share the truth of God in love with all who are a part of our community of faith. 

We are authentic and are genuine about our love and treatment of others.

We believe that Jesus sends us out into the world and wants us to embrace people, love people, and invite them into a new way of living.  

We are people who are sinners but saved by the grace in and through Jesus Christ.  

We are people who have just as many questions about faith as anyone else and are not afraid of facing those questions. 

We love and welcome all people; and want all people to know the love of our wonderful God.

Come and join a community that will truly show you how to love God and love others.