new song ministers

Here at new song, we believe that all people who are followers of Jesus are ministers.  We are called to make disciples.  Though some are called to be ministers vocationally, our ministry group is more than paid staff.  We believe the the power of the Holy Spirit who calls people to serve God in many ways.  The following are a list of ministers at new song.  Click any of the names to email any questions you may have.

  • Lead Pastor

    Pastor Joe (PJ) graduated from University of Mount Olive and Duke Divinity School with an Mdiv...Pastor Joseph was ordained as an Elder in the United Methodist Church in 2013.  He believes in the power and saving grace of Jesus Christ.  He follows his call in ministry with with a 3 fold approach.  God, Family, and Community.  He enjoys time with his wife and children, hunting and fishing, occasionally plays golf, loves any sports, claims to have played all sports (haha), and secretly wanted to try out for American Idol. He is a little on the goofy side and loves poking fun at himself. He finds great enjoyment and relaxation in building things and has an entrepreneurial spirit.  Joseph's focus in ministry is preaching God's word, sharing God's story with the world, and helping God's people in mission.

  • Sam Lewis

    Worship Leader

    Sam Lewis is a big guy with a big heart for Jesus. Sam is the lucky husband of Melissa Lewis, his bride of almost 15 years, and is daddy to his lovely and adoring daughters, Katie & Ella. The Lewis crew has been on a great journey serving God in many capacities in their very multifaceted lives. Sam’s educational background is an Bachelor’s in Music Therapy from ECU School of Music. Currently he works at Camp Lejeune-New River as a Prevention Specialist serving Marines/Sailors and dependents/families/communities with alcohol substance abuse prevention (can we say a ministry?). A native to eastern North Carolina, Sam enjoys the many outdoor activities that ENC has to offer. Music is Sam’s passion, and weaving God’s message of kingdom building through it is the ultimate thrill. Sam has served on worship teams in churches in the region for the past 15 years. He loves nothing more than chilling out with his family surrounded by good friends, good music, good food, the water, and good times.

  • Financial Minister

    Laura is currently our financial minister. She knows all that is going on with new song's finances and new song is stronger because of her leadership.  Laura loves her husband, Jeff, and  Laura loves her family.   She loves being a part of the wonderful community at new song.  It brings her joy when she can be a part of the good work that God is doing.

  • Staff Support Minister

    Stuart loves NC State Wolfpack and enjoys most any sport.  He loves baseball and spending time with his family.  Stuart is a great leader and cares for the ministry team at new song.  

  • Facilities Minister

    There are many things that we could say about Debbie.  She loves new song and is the person to ask if anything is needed at new song's main worship campus.  She knows everything about the building and the grounds.  Debbie loves her husband, Keith and loves her family dearly.  

  • L3 Community Leaders

    Brad and Missy are leaders in the Berne Creek L3 Community.  They have two children and spent most of their time with their children.  They are a part of a ministry team with Stuart and Lesley Clayton.  Email them for any information about their L3 Community.

  • L3 Community Leaders

    Stuart and Lesley are leaders in the Berne Creek L3 Community.  They are NC State Wolfpack fans and love going to football games.  They spent much of their time with their son at his various sporting events.  They are involved in the leadership at new song and love being a part of the new song community life.  Stuart and Lesley are a part of a ministry team with Brad and Missy Zachewicz

  • L3 Community Leaders

    Keith and Debbie are just some great folks to know.  Keith is one of a kind and has a humorous personality.  Debbie and Keith love the new song community and they are some of the most mission minded people in the church.  Debbie and Keith are on a ministry team withe Jesse and Kim Kruger.

  • L3 Community Leaders

    Joseph (Pastor Joe) and Tiffany are leaders in the 70East L3 Community.  Joseph and Tiffany love spending time with their two children, traveling, and just hanging out with friends.  They are die-hard Duke Basketball and ECU Football fans and love sporting events.  Joseph and Tiffany are in a ministry team with Jared and Lauren Deuel.