Hydrate Student Ministry

5:00pm - H20 - A Hydrate Worship Band

Hydrate begins a new ministry.  We have a worship band that meets on Sundays at 5:00pm to begin a new worship experience for Hydrate.

Hydrate Student Ministries meets on Sundays at 6:30pm

Jesus met a woman at a well (right where she was in life) and he spoke to her and offered her the living water (John 4). We want to offer the Living water of Jesus Christ to your students.   People try to Hydrate through various ways and it never gives them the fulfillment of what they really need (water).  We want to offer the living water to you or your students.  If you or your student is in 6th grade up to a senior in high school, then come out and be a part of Hydrate.

If you have any questions regarding Hydrate Student Ministries please reach out to Beth Branson: 252-670-8146

Battle Works Laser Tag

Hydrate Youth - Join us for Laser Tag at Battle Works in Atlantic Beach.

Date & Time - TBD

The cost is $32 / person.

We are limited to 16 players. Make sure you sign up with Pastor Joe.