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Kid Song is all about God's children.  Jesus said, "Do not keep the children from coming to me for the kingdom of God is found in them."  We love children at New Song.  We would love to share God's love with your children through our Sunday morning worship.  Please come and join us at 10:30 am for an easy check-in service.

Check out the New Kid Song Program Below

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KID Song Changes


Kid Song at New Song United Methodist Church - Summer 2017 comes with some exciting changes!


One of the important aspects of worship is the Body of Christ which is our extended family.  Families and servers are able to be in worship together and children are still able to gain the knowledge and love of God during their time in Kid Song worship.  We began a new 'Dig In' learning experience this summer.  This Bible based program helps children learn God's love and God's Truth through repetitive learning experiences with combined worship and creative activities.  Your children will have a wonderful time with Dig In and we can not wait for them to become part of Kid Song! 

Multiple Age Learning Together

One of the best parts of our new program is the mixed age groups mixed-aged groups in which the children will be learning together.    The older children will be able to be "helpers" and guide younger children in their faith steps as well.  This enables a greater impact in all areas of life development.  The older children become mentors & and the younger children learn from their older peers all under the guidance & supervision of Kid Song adult leaders. The older children will be presented with fun challenges to deepen their knowledge & learning.

Check-in process - We currently have changed our check-in process which requires an extra step in the morning.  We would like for you to sign-in your children to your classroom with the provided sign-in sheets.  If you don't remember to sign them in first thing, it's ok! You can wait until Kid Zone is over with in the worship service and walk back with your children to sign them in.  Our check-in greeters will be happy to help you do that.

Check-out process

We have made some recent changes in this process to further ensure that the safety of our children at Kid Song remains a top priority. 

Parent's & guardians please plan on the following: 

1) Obtain each of your child's Unique ID stickers from the Check-in greeters waiting to help you at the Check-in Desk. Now, please don't forget, as the child's guardian you will need to KEEP the corresponding sticker that matches your child's so we can compare yours & theirs when you come to pick them up after the service - one idea is to stick it on yourself and you won't lose it. ;) 


2) Sign each child in on their classroom check-in sheet (this sheet is a mandatory & integral part of our check-out process - see Check-out process below). If you don't remember to sign them in before the worship service, it's ok! You can wait until Kid Zone is over within the worship service and walk back with your children to sign them in.  Our Check-in greeters are always happy to help you.

Our check-out process gained an extra step as well.  We ask that you simply sign-out your children by walking to their classroom and waiting at the door (these doors are half-doors to allow for full viewing of your children's Kid Song experience).  There will be a sign-out sheet for your child at the door & a teacher waiting to assist you.  Signing out your children let's us feel at peace that your child has been safely delivered to you.

***Please do not open the door because it helps us keep the energy efficient children "wrangled" together.  Show the teachers your child's corresponding Unique ID and they will help you check-out your child. 

Kid Zone - New Song wants to allow for some family time in worship.  For part of our worship service, children and parents will be together then the children are asked to join Pastor Joe up front for a brief, but meaningful Kid Zone time (condensed kid version of that day's sermon...the parents & kids love this time). After the Kid Zone time children are asked to follow their Kid Song leaders to their classrooms (parents are always welcome to join their children in the Kid Song classroom - you may find that it is where God is calling you to serve!)