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Welcome to Kid Song Parent Corner!  We hope your child is growing in God's love, grace, truth, and service.  Our desire is for your child to have an active relationship with God through teaching God's Word.

Dig In offers worship, truth, and creative ways to learn about and serve our wonderful Lord in their daily lives.

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The 10 commandments of God.  These commandments help us walk down God's path and stay in God's plan for our lives.  We may not always know every step or know God's plan, but staying a good relationship with God helps us do so.  

Helpful suggestions

God's path for our lives can be tricky and it is not always easy to see.  This blindfold game can help:

The Blindfold Game:

1.  Find a piece of cloth or clothing that can be used to blindfold your child.  Tell them you are going to play a game and they are going to have to walk across a room blindfolded. Place objects in their way that could cause them to stumble and be sure that the space is free from anything that can hurt them if they fall.  (A strong suggestion is to use a carpeted room and pillows for the objects that can cause them to stumble).  


Don't help them find their way to their destination.  (No guidelines and don't tell them their destination except that its on the other side of the room).

2.  The second time you play the game, give them the following information:

1. The destination

2. What objects will cause them to stumble

3. Let them know that you will whisper directions to them if they get lost.


Was it easier the first time or the second time you played the game?  Why?


The Game is like the commandments from God.  Without them, you have no clue how to get somewhere and don't even know where you are going.  With God's help and commandments, we can find the best path and know the direction of our destination.

Read Exodus 20:1-21

Questions to ask them:

What is happening in this story in the Bible?

How do you think God can use you today?

How do you think God can use parents/guardians today?

Let's pray:  God, I know you have a plan that is best for me.  Please help me follow your plan by listening to your commandments.   Amen