A Beer and A Bible

New Song realizes that this is going against the grain of things.  However, we believe that we can carry the Gospel into the bars of New Bern to share God's love and know no strangers.  We believe that there are people on the margins in life that will never hear the Gospel unless we are willing to go into the "risky" places to meet with them.  A Beer and A Bible does just that. We enjoy a single beer (or glass of wine) and a very deep conversation around the Holy Scriptures.  You don't have to drink to join us, but please note, that this ministry is not for everyone.  We do not tell anyone that they need to drink nor do we require it.  

If you are dealing with substance abuse, please visit:  

www.celebraterecovery.com or call our telephone number to speak to the pastor about where you can receive help.