What is a L3 Community?

L3 Communities

These are missional communities born out of LIVING with God. We live with God by faith. Those that are faithful are called to be disciples. We make disciples in our communities where we live by LOVING God’s world, people, and creation. As we build relationship and begin to share the love of God with others, we create a community where LAUGHING becomes possible. We live, laugh, and love as we grow together in our relationship with God through L3 Communities.

The purpose of L3 Communities is to create a missional community within the neighborhoods and communities where we live. These communities will have a primary mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ. In doing so, they will love the community through compassionate giving and faithful sharing of their faith. The Community will be a place of Hanging out and Helping out. It will be a space where one does not have to believe in order to feel a part of the community.